Thursday, May 28, 2009

The last (minute) supper...

Can you believe what I did last night... I added ice tea to my napolitana sauce!! Usually I add wine to everything, being the good Italian I am, but when I looked in the fridge, it was bare... using my own advice of 'use what you have', I grabbed the first bottle available - ice tea.

Every good recipe, I believe, started as an experiment. This was no different, and surprisingly tasted great!

I reduced the sauce a little more than usual and used it as a relish rather than as a sauce - delish!

The other 'cheat' was that I used the newly launched McCain Chef's Solutions, sent to me at the office a few days ago - I used the sliced tomato and onion mix. Coming home late and starving, this turned out to be the quickest remedy for my hunger - I emptied the packet into a non-stick pan with a finely chopped green pepper and let it cook for a few minutes before adding the ice tea (only about 50ml), then left it to reduce while I prepared the rest.
I added a heap of the tomato relish to a slice of toasted pecan-nut, wheat-free bread, topped that with spinach, smoked salmon trout and a poached egg.

Perhaps better as a weekend breakfast option, but when you're cooking for one, you tend not to really plan your meals!

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